Imran Khan demands Memogate-style probe into ‘Lettergate’

Islamabad, April 6 : Imran Khan has requested the Pakistan Supreme Court to set up a Memogate-style commission to probe into an alleged foreign conspiracy angle which is trying to topple his government, Express Tribune reported on Wednesday. “The said commission must analyse the incriminating evidence, take notice of the blatant horse-trading conducted by these corrupt politicians, some of whose family members are absconders of law and have taken refuge in safe heavens in the west,” reads a statement of facts submitted by Khan through his counsels Imtiaz Rasheed Siddiqui and Chaudhry Faisal Hussain in the suo motu case regarding the ruling of the National Assembly’s deputy speaker which rejected the no-confidence motion against the prime minister. Western officials have expressed their displeasure with the independent approach adopted by Khan and his cabinet. Khan went on to add that “This was followed by sensitive comm cations as well as gathered most sensitive intelligence by the security agencies of Pakistan which manifested that the movement led by the opposition was no longer indigenous or routine democratic effort, but was foreign sponsored; it was aided as well as funded by those states which had become irritated/hostile to the struggle of the federal government to maintain an independent posture within the international comm ty of the world”. “The participants of the National Security Council were convinced that the ill-conceived movement of the opposition to dislodge the democratically elected government of the answering Respondent [Imran Khan] was foreign funded as well as supported; the object thereof was to defeat the national and international priorities fixed by the state of Pakistan,” read the statement. Khan claims that the most sensitive evidence, gathered and secured, is available with the security apparatus of Pakistan. ACL1223

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