Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that this Lok Sabha election is an opportunity for the country to elect a leader who can run a strong government which ‘makes the world aware of India’s strength’.

Addressing an election rally at Jaunpur in support of BJP candidate Kripashankar Singh from Jaunpur parliamentary constituency and BP Saroj from Machhilishahr (reserved), Modi said, ‘This election is an opportunity to choose the prime minister of the country. Such a prime minister who runs a strong government which cannot be dominated by the world but which makes the world aware of India’s strength’. Appealing to vote in support of Singh and Saroj, PM said that when you vote for our candidates, then your vote forms a strong government. The votes given to them will go directly into Modi’s account.

Amidst slogans of Jai Shri Ram, Har Har Modi, PM Modi said your enthusiasm shows that you people have made it difficult for the ‘Indi’ alliance to win even a single seat in Uttar Pradesh. On development, Modi said that you have seen how a strong government works in Kashi and Ayodhya. He emphasised that the world is discussing Kashi and Ayodhya instead of Delhi and Mumbai.

PM Modi asserted that in the coming five years, Modi and Yogi are going to change the ‘picture’ and ‘fate’ of Purvanchal. Voting will be held in Jaunpur and Machhlishahr on May 25.