UAE to lift ban on foreign trips for non-vaccinated citizens

Doha, April 14 ( /Sputnik) The ted Arab Emirates (UAE) will lift the ban on foreign trips for those, who are not vaccinated against COVID-19, starting from April 19, the National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority said. “Those UAE citizens, who have not received main or booster doses against the coronavirus, will be allowed to leave the ted Arab Emirates starting from April 19 if they have negative coronavirus tests passed not earlier than 48 hours before the trip,” the organization said in a statement on late Wednesday. The ban was introduced by the UAE over the spread of the omicron strain of the coronavirus in early 2022. However, the number of new COVID-19 cases in the UAE, like in many other countries, is currently decreasing, urging governments to ease restrictions. /SPUTNIK GNK

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