Telangana CM remembers Mahatma Jyoti Rao Phule

Hyderabad, April 10 : Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao on Sunday paid rich tributes to Bahujan philosopher, social reformer and the revolutionary in the fight against caste discrimination, Mahatma Jyoti Rao Govind Rao Phule, on the eve of his birth anniversary. The Chief Minister already announced the conduct of Phule birthday celebrations as State festival in all district headquarters as well as in Hyderabad. In a message, Mr Rao recalled the services of Social philosopher Phule who toiled his entire life to build a discrimination-free and equality of all sections in the society. He said the social reformer’s unstinted efforts laid a strong path for revolutionary changes in the upliftment of Dalit Bahujan comm ty in the country. Taking inspiration from Phule, the Chief Minister said that the Telangana government has introduced a slew of welfare programmes to the empowerment of Backward Sections. The Government’s efforts have put Telangana in top place and also a role model in the implementation of welfare schemes for all weaker sections and empowerment of artisan comm ties in the country. To ensure the access to quality education by all deserved sections, KCR said that the government had established Mahatma Jyotibha Phule BC Welfare Gurukul educational institutions. The BC Gurukulams were also opened in all Assembly Constituencies. Special Gurukulams have been set up for girl students. The Government already initiated steps to open a first of its kind Women versity in the country in Telangana. Phule laid a strong pillar for Girl education by encouraging his wife Savitri Phule to become first woman Teacher in the country, Rao remembered. Under the Phule BC Videshi Vidya Nidhi (for overseas education), the students are already availing Rs 20 lakh financial assistance to go foreign countries and pursue professional courses of their choice. The Telangana state government has built self-respect bhavans specifically for the Bahujans, and also implemented several welfare schemes for them. VV GK

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