Russian Ambassador to US calls sanctions against Banks blow

Washington, April 7 ( /Sputnik) US sanctions against Sberbank and Alfa Bank are a direct blow to ordinary Russian citizens, Russian Ambassador to the ted States Anatoly Antonov told reporters. “The [US] administration’s non-stop sanctions attacks demonstrate the true aspirations of the ted States. An example is the restrictions against Sberbank and Alfa Bank, where most Russians keep their savings. This is a direct blow to the population of Russia, ordinary citizens,” Antonov said as quoted by the embassy on Telegram. According to the ambassador, US attempts to make it difficult for Russia to service its state debt are bewildering. “We see in these efforts a desire to tarnish the reputation of Russia, which, despite the economic barriers being built by Washington, continues to fulfill its debt obligations in good faith and in a timely manner,” Antonov said. /SPUTNIK GNK

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