Pakistan: Opposition asks people to observe thanksgiving day

Islamabad, April 8 : Applauding the Supreme Court’s verdict, the opposition parties have given call to the nation to observe and celebrate what it called thanksgiving day on Friday over the ‘victory of democracy and the Constitution’ of the country, Dawn reported. Praising the Supreme Court verdict the opposition said that “the verdict will be written with golden words in the history, as this verdict has buried all the past judgments given on the basis of doctrine of necessity. Now no one will be able to use the doctrine of necessity till the dooms day”. He termed the verdict a victory for the 220 million people of Pakistan, democracy, parliament and the Constitution. The oppositions prime ministerial candidate Shehbaz Sharif expressed the hope that the joint opposition would complete the next phases smoothly in line with the SC verdict, while asserting that the opposition would break the NAB-Niazi nexus. Several workers from the opposition parties, who had gathered outside the Supreme Court (SC) building on the Constitution Avenue celebrated and felicitated each other after the Supreme Court announced its verdict overturning the decision to dissolve the National Assembly. Th opposition supporters lit fireworks and raised slogans like “Wazir-i-Azam Shehbaz Sharif” and “Go Niazi Go” even as opposition leaders emerged from the Supreme Court flashing victory signs after the verdict. A number of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) leaders along with party workers and members of the Sindh cabinet, along with dissidents of the ruling Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI), also celebrated the SC verdict at the Sindh House. ACL0956

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