National level review required for students moving to Ukraine: Nitish

Patna, Mar 3 : Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said on Thursday that the situation in Ukraine and the conditions of Indian students there, as well as the migration of students to Ukraine to pursue medical education, is a national issue and should be reviewed at the national level. Responding to a call for attention made by the health minister Mangal Pandey in the state legislative assembly, Kumar stated that it has recently come to light that several students from every state including Bihar have gone to Ukraine to study medical science. Kumar said that it was found that the cost of medical education is less there so the students are leaving their state and country. It is a matter of concern and needs to be reviewed at the National level. The student who wishes to pursue studies outside the country does not have to appear in any of the competitions to gain admission into Indian Medical colleges, including both government and private institutions. All these issues have been exposed only after the Ukraine crisis, he said. MORE RS RN

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