Nadda should refrain from commenting on Cong: Rathore

Shimla, April 12 : Congress President Kuldeep Singh Rathore slammed BJP President Jagat Prakash Nadda for passing comment on the Congress, Rathore was addressing a press conference here on Tuesday. “Congress leaders don’t need any certificate from him as this great party has history to serve the people of country, which had played a big role in the building of this nation since independence.” He challenged BJP, its ideological mentor RSS to explain their contribution for the nation. Countering Nadda’s statement that Congress is a party of one family he said that today BJP has become a party of only two leaders in which no one has any right to speak or take any decision.” Today its senior leaders have been sidelined. Now this party has become only Modi and Shah, and now its name should be changed from BJP to Modi -Shah out fit. Cong had built number of institutions but Modi’s government is engaged in selling them one by one. Rathore took strong exception to Nadda’s comments on Congress President Sonia Gandhi and her family and said that Sonia Gandhi is the daughter-in-law of the family who has sacrificed her lives for the ty and integrity of the country. He said that BJP has no right to comment on Gandhi family. Rathore asked Nadda to explain to the people of the state what he did for the sake of development o r for improving the deteriorating economy of the state. He charged BJP to be completely mum on rising inflation, unemployment. Rathore said that the BJP does not talk about issues. He said that BJP has been trying to divert people from issues by doing politics of polarization and pseudo-ism. Rising inflation, unemployment is not an issue for BJP, he said. He said that all the institutions, schools, colleges, hospitals that are open in the state, roads have been constructed, are all due to the Congress. He said First Chief Minister Dr. Yashwant Singh Parmar built Himachal Pradesh, in 1971 the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi gave it full statehood and the six-time Chief Minister of the state, Late Virbhadra Singh modernized it. All this was the contribution of Congress, there is no contribution of BJP or Sangh in it, he added. ML RKM

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