Sunday , 20 June 2021
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IIT, Hyderabad researchers develops low cost, AI-based test kit for COVID-19

Lead researcher Prof Shiv Govid Singh of the Department of Electrical Engineering at the IIT-H, said that the test kits have already been tried at the ESIC hospital and the results are encouraging. He said the test kits are Reverse Tranion Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR)-free and get rid of many processes.

He further said the cost of COVID testing with these IIT-H BioChips will be around 600 rupees and can be almost halved in case of mass production of the chips. He says the 100 per cent indigenous technology can be handled by a high school graduate student.

These kits can be transported to rural areas as they are very light and helpful to increase the testing for COVID-19 in the country.