A man with a powerful purpose in the digital forensic world, enter Ankur Chandrakant

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Besides his startups in varied niches, Ankur Chandrakant also runs a meaningful NGO for taking cybercrime prevention and women’s safety and empowerment to the next level.

The way a few industries have remained on a constant growth pedestal, it has created more intrigue and excitement in people to know and understand the success graph and growth statistics of these sectors and how they attained major success over the years. Experts across industries of the world point out how a few passionate and highly driven business owners and progressive thinkers have been behind these positive developments that have continuously happened across sectors, especially in the digital forensic world. It is forensic and cyber security experts like Ankur Chandrakant (https://ankurchandrakant.com/) who have made things look flawless in the sector by emerging as business owners with a powerful purpose.

Ankur Chandrakant, a 1989-born talent from New Delhi, India, always knew that someday he would disrupt industries of his choice but had no inch of an idea of how far he will reach. Today, when he looks back right from deciding to study M.S. (Cryptography, Cryptanalysis, Cyber Forensic, and Counter-Terrorism) to becoming an expert in cybersecurity and forensic niches, he feels he was made for doing this. Diving into emerging markets of the DeFi and the whole of the modern-day tech world was a huge risk for him, but taking the leap of faith and believing in his business ideas, he never stopped walking his path, and that is how he has reached thus far in his journey.

Today, this Indian talent is the brain behind three EdTech startups and a media and entertainment startup, along with his cybersecurity training ventures and an NGO named eProtect Foundation for taking cybercrime prevention and women’s safety and empowerment to the next level, where he actively works for helping cybercrime victims through free counselling and legal aid.

He has turned into an author, NFT expert, speaker, and trainer as well, training over 750 women free of cost. As a philanthropist, Ankur Chandrakant runs cyber awareness programs for school and college students and has even conducted over 400 workshops and seminars for people in the same.

This man, who has worked with several various law enforcement agencies in India as an advisor and consultant and as a technical analyst at giant global companies like Google and Microsoft, has to his name an extensive list of awards and accolades in the industry.


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