8 Ukrainians killed, Irpin creates green corridor

Kyiv, March 7 : At least eight people were killed in Ukraine’s Irpin town and several injured, including Mayor of Bucha Anatoliy Fedoruk on Monday as Russian forces continue its shelling on cities. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said, “While Russia makes the evacuation impossible, Ukrainians are continuing to be responsible for those who they love. “Irpin, attempt to create a ‘green corridor’, eight civilians were killed, many wounded, including the Mayor of Bucha.” Earlier, the General Staff of the Armed Forces said, “The occupiers (Russia) violate the rules of international humanitarian law, shell civilians, “green corridors”, take women and children hostage, place equipment, amm tion in residential areas of cities, artificially create a humanitarian crisis in the occupied settlements. “The city of Irpin remains deprived of light, water and heat for more than three days, there is no supply of food and water, the occupiers forbade citizens to leave their homes.” Irpin was a satellite city of 60,000 people just northwest of Ukraine’s capital. Only 10 days earlier, Irpin was a blossoming, comfortable suburb booming with housing developments, The Kyiv Independent said. Now, along with nearby cities of Hostomel and Bucha, it is one of the worst hotspots of Russia’s full-fledged invasion of Ukraine that was unleashed on February 24. Amid the heavy fighting from the north to the west of Kyiv since early on Monday Hostomel Mayor Yuriy Prylypko was among three people killed by the Russian forces, according to Ukrainian officials One of the final frontiers of deterring the enemy advance to the heart of the capital city, the blown-up bridge was the only way for many to flee on foot. CNN quoted Hostomel town’s Facebook page as sating that Mayor Yuriy Prylypko was killed while “handing out bread to the hungry and medicine to the sick, comforting the desperate”. Having full control of Irpin is essential for the advancing Russian forces as part of their drive to gain a foothold in Kyiv’s outskirts. More than 1.5 million people have so far fled Ukraine into neighbouring countries, the UN has said. RNJ

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