World Water Day Celebration

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Udaipur : On the occasion of World Water Day an awareness session was organized at Sakroda Secondary School and Bichaddi Secondary School about Conservation of water by the CSR and Environment department of Zinc Smelter Debari. Around 200 students attended the session.

The students were made aware about the importance of water, its sources, forms and ways to conserve it. The major focus of the session was about ground water and ways to recharge it which was alined with the theme b United Nations “Groundwater, making the invisible visible”. The students were taught about rainwater harvesting and how it is beneficial in recharging of ground water.

Later in the day a visit of the students of Skill and Entrepreneurship Development Institute was planned at the Common Sewage Treatment Plant of the company where they got to know about the initiatives taken by Hindustan Zinc to recycle and reuse wastewater. They visited the entire sewage plant along with the supervisor and gained understanding about its working.

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