Uma’s advice on prohibition in MP

Bhopal, Apr 4 : Erstwhile on minister Uma Bharati offered many suggestions on Monday vis-à-vis prohibition in Madhya Pradesh and wondered why Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan is interacting with her via the medium of the press instead of direct comm cation. “Mr Chouhan has said that if people cease consuming alcohol then he will ensure closure of liquor outlets. If the public practices abstinence then the shops shall close on their own. Prevention of bootlegging is the responsibility of the administration, specifically that of the police. The system of makeshift bars attached to intoxicant outlets must be ended. Such shops should not be located in the vicinity of schools, infirmaries, temples and similar places. Booze should not be supplied to residences. Outlets must not be set up in the face of opposition by citizens, especially women, as these are the very people who elected the BJP to power. Photo-hoardings should be put up highlighting the deleterious effects of alcohol consumption in tandem with an awareness campaign involving leaders of every faith, social organisations and all political parties,” the BJP leader wrote in social media. The former chief minister mentioned that she has enjoyed a relationship of “respect and affection” with Mr Chouhan since 1984 to March this year. “For the past couple of years, I have spoken on prohibition at every meeting with him,” Ms Bharati added. Team-AC

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