Tikait asks Opposition to come together against Centre

New Delhi, April 11 : Samyukt Kisan Morcha leader Rakesh Tikait on Monday called upon Opposition parties to come together and rise against the central government, and also said another big nation wide agitation is being planned. Tikait was speaking at Telangana Chief Minister KC Rao’s protest against Centre’s paddy procurement policy. The farmer leader also stressed that it was not a political stage, and the SKM and the Bharatiya Kisan on (BKU) will support any chief minister who raises the issues of farmers. “This is not a political stage, they are talking about farmers’ issues. They are not asking for votes, they are asking for the right price for their crops. We want to thank such CMs. BKU and SKM will always support CMs who protest against Centre over farmers’ issues,” Tikait said. Tikait said the issue on which farmers protested on Delhi borders for almost a year is same as the issue being raised by the Telangana chief minister – farmers getting fair price for their produce. Giving out a strong and clear message to Opposition parties, Tikait said, “Opposition should form their own alliance. The Opposition today is like a ship in the ocean, surrounded by a storm. But they are fighting who will be the Captain… Come together, if you can come out of this storm all of you will be Captain. Otherwise all are on the brink of drowning”. “You will also have to fight, come together and fight, and if required, call us to join as well,” he said. He stressed on the farmers’ demand for a legal guarantee on getting Minimum Support Price for their crops, and listing MSP for more crops. He slammed the central government for dividing people between “Hindu and Muslim”, but the farmers issues are the real issues. “We will bring farmers together for a new agriculture policy for the country. What would the policy be, what would happen with unemployment, price rise, what is the state of education, medical facility, there is no focus on that,” he said. He said a “Mukti Abhiyan” will be held across the country, and also warned the government that another major agitation is on the anvil. “The outline of a major nationwide agitation is being drawn, tell government of India to be prepared. We will tell in time when, and where the agitation will be held,” he said. Tikait also launched an attack on the government over the Electricity Amendment Bill and for banning diesel vehicles which are over ten years old. “In Delhi and NCR ten year old tractors have been disallowed. Can farmers survive this? Can they change tractors in ten years? We will protest this,” he said. “The over four lakh tractors that were on Delhi’s streets on 26th (Jan 2021), were those ten year old tractors… They said these tractors can not be used in the fields, we said they will run on Delhi roads as well. “They said we insulted national flag at Red Fort… We put 5-6 lakh flags on those tractors. There was a conspiracy to defame us. That was a baseless allegation,” he said. Tikait stressed that the Opposition leaders needed to fight against the BJP led on government and said, “We farmers will keep fighting but what will be your role? If you do not fight, we will save ourselves through our agitation, but what will happen to your Chairs, your states will be the next target.” “We will keep protesting whether they call us andolannjeevi or Khalistani, Pakistani, Afghanistani, we want fair prices for our crops,” he added. The farmer leader also appreciated the policies of Telangana government for agriculture and farmers. AO SHK1637

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