Saturday , 16 October 2021
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The Air is Cool & Fresh with the 2021 Range of Samsung ACs

The Air is Cool & Fresh with the 2021 Range of Samsung ACs


Summer is almost here and the work from home days are all about three things – Work. Play. Chill.

And that’s exacty what the new range of ACs from Samsung is all about. We take care of you while you work, play and chill. We make sure your AC is supremely power efficient. We know how fussy you are about your health, so we enable absolute healthy living, only for you.


We have introduced a wide range of ACs that offer varied levels of purified Air cooling. Anti-bacteria filters to PM 1.0 filter in the ACs offer the highest level of purification by catching ultra-fine dust, and sterilizing virus and bacteria. It also provides you a great advantage of enjoying fresh and clean air while saving on the extra maintenance cost of replacing the filters.


Know about the kinds of filters that help you breathe fresh air –

PM 1.0 filter

The new range of ACs from Samsung comes with a PM 1.0 filter in the Wind-Free AC that ensures the air inside our home is clean. The PM 1.0 filter has an electrostatic charger to give ultra-fine dust up to 0.3 microns a positive charge so that it attaches to the negative plate. It then sterilizes the virus and bacteria through the electrostatic charger. The AC also monitors the air quality in the room with a laser sensor which the user can see through a digital 4 colour aurora lighting.


Tri-Care Filter

The Tri-Care Filter is made up of 3 layers which include a high-density filter that extracts large dust particles, fibers and animal hairs. A Zeolite Coating filter also captures fine dust and eliminates viruses, bacteria and allergens. This ensures your family’s health and hygiene.



Easy Filter Plus

Samsung has also kept in mind the lifestyle of the consumers and has introduced Easy Filter Plus. Now, consumers have the convenience of self-service wherein consumers can easily remove the filters and DIY that helps in reducing the service maintenance cost. The ACs are also power-efficient and help consumers to reduce their power bills while working or studying from home.


So why struggle with the poor air quality in your home, get home a new 2021 range of Samsung AC and gift yourself and your family the luxury of breathing in Clean Air.


Anti bacteria and Dust filter

The high dense (HD ) Anti bacteria and dust filter along with easy filter + helps capture big dust, animal hair, fiber, household dust and keeps heat exchange clean and protect you against dangerous airborne contaminants. It is also made of a dense mesh, so it’s very effective at capturing dust, which   keeps the heat exchanger clean and working efficiently. Its antibacterial coating also helps in protecting you against dangerous airborne contaminants.