Sisodia takes jibe at BJP leaders visiting Delhi schools

New Delhi, April 11 : Taking a jibe at the BJP leaders who visited the Delhi government schools on Monday, Delhi Education Minister Manish Sisodia said that it is a pity that they could not find any shortcomings in the schools run by the AAP government in the national capital. Taking to twitter Sisodia said, that the BJP leaders of Delhi could not find even a single school in Delhi, where spider webs were seen, Where there is no desk for children to sit, “Poor BJP leader”. He added that BJP leaders are now showing pictures of rooms in Delhi schools, where tiles are broken, white washes have become old, somewhere denting-painting is going on, they could not manage to show more than this. BJP leader visited Delhi schools, after Manish Sisodia and party leader visited two schools in Gujarat’s Bhavnagar earlier in the day. After a visit he shared a series of pictures of the education institutions, and slammed the “Gujarat education model” and the BJP regime in the state. Bhavnagar is the home district of Gujarat’s education minister Jitu Vaghani. He said that the schools in Bhavnagar has “spider webs” and some of the rooms of the institutions do not even have floors, let alone desks for students. “This is the education model of the BJP in Gujarat, which it has developed in the last 27 years,” Sisodia tweeted. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal retweeted the pictures shared by Sisodia, and said it’s “very sad” to see “this plight of government schools” in Gujarat. “It’s been 75 years since we got independence. We could not afford a good education. Why? If each child doesn’t get the best education, how will India progress?” Kejriwal wrote in a post on Twitter. JA SHK2110

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