Shuttler Ajay Jayaram announces retirement

Chennai, March 27 : Ajay Jayaram, who was part of the Indian men’s squad, which won a bronze at the Badminton Asia Team Championships in 2016, announced his retirement from professional badminton after enjoying a career spanning over two decades. Jayaram, who has won the Dutch Open twice (2014 and 2015) and Czech International, took to Twitter on Saturday to announce his retirement. “As all good things come to an end, so is my professional badminton journey of nearly 2 decades. I’ve decided to retire from competitive badminton and I write this, teary-eyed and with a lump in my throat,” read the statement. “While I am engulfed by all these overwhelming emotions, I would like to celebrate and be grateful for all that badminton and sport, in general, have given me. Badminton has defined most of what I am today. It has shaped me, taught me, grounded me and shown me what dreaming big can do,” Jayaram reflected on his relationship with the sport. “From picking up the racket at a nearby club as a shy 7-year-old boy, to competing in the biggest stadiums as a World top 15 player, I am indebted to this wonderful sport for all the exciting and enriching experiences it has given me. “I have won, lost, cried, laughed, fought, experienced highs and lows lived and thrived, all within the rectangular space of 44*20 ft. “While I certainly do feel this big void, the silver lining is that I will be jumping into something new and exciting, but more on that tomorrow. For now, I’m going to try and let this sink in,” the statement concluded. Jayaram last played at the India Open 2022 in January, where he lost to Ireland’s Nhat Nguyen in the round of 32. BAV SHK1622

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