PTI dissident attacked days after Imran ouster

Islamabad, April 13 : Days after PML-N leader Shehbaz Sharif took oath as country’s 23rd Prime Minister, a PTI worker scuffled with their dissident lawmaker Noor Alam Khan during an iftar party. According to Geo News, Noor Alam was having iftar at the private hotel with PPP leaders Nadeem Afzal Chan, Senator Mustafa Nawaz Khokhar, and Faisal Karim Kundi on Tuesday when the incident occurred. While the identity of the PTI worker remain unkown, the eyewitnesses have said that he continued to hurl abuses on the MNA in Pashto despite being told by Khan not to do so as it was a “family event”. When the PTI worker did not stop abusing the MNA, Knoor Alalm lost his cool and punched him leading to a scuffle between the two. Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) leaders Khokhar and Kundi also beat up the PTI worker. Noor Alam was one of the 20 dissident MNAs who joined the Opposition during the no-confidence motion against then Prime Minister Imran Khan. However, these dissidents did not cast their vote against Imran Khan. According to Geo News, this was not the first time that Noor Alam came under fire for his decision to go against Imran Khan as on March 19 two people, reportedly belonging to the PTI, threatened him for showing reservations against the PTI chief ahead of the voting on the no-confidence motion. RNJ

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