PM interacts with intellectuals in his parliamentary constituency

Varanasi, March 5 : Prime Minister Narendra Modi has reiterated his commitment towards development and told in detail about the mega projects. Attending a meeting with intellectuals in his parlianentary constituency on Saturday during his second day tour said Vishwanath Corridor should have been built earlier which is now being built. In the meeting , the PM discussed the issues from Kashi to the country and abroad, as well as apprised the intelligentsia about the working style of the government and the work being done in the interest of the country. He also clarified the intention to build the tallest statue of Sardar Patel in Gujarat was to connect the people and make the younger generation aware of the culture, civilization and struggle of the country. The conference was held at Mahmoorganj .After the meeting, he will address a public meeting, in which the candidates of all the assembly constituencies of Varanasi will also be present. PM informed about the benefit of medical colleges for the middle class and how the transfer posting industry ruins the government. ” UP also needs stability and continuity. Frequent transfer of the officer, not good. Stability is essential. UP has the power to lead the economy of India. The economy of the people of Kashi gets strength at the railway station,” he said . When asked about the experience of Vande Bharat, he also shared the experiences of the traveller. The PM said the students of the country are going to Ukraine for medical education. The previous government did not try for this. After setting up of medical colleges, only the people of the country will benefit.. After the intellectual meeting and the public meeting, the PM will leave for Delhi from Varanasi. Today is the last day of campaigning for the final round of elections on Saturday. Whereas on March 7, voting will be held in Varanasi including nine districts of Purvanchal. MB SY 1220

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