PK Dhumal asks Congress to understand meaning of the development

Hamirpur(HP), April 13 : Former Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister and senior BJP leader, PK Dhumal has said that one had to understand and know who was doing development work in the Sujanpur assembly constituency and who was managing those. He said while addressing a mass public relations program of the party at Sujanpur last evening. He said that the BJP government was giving ₹ 50 thousand for the upliftment of women’s boards and in Sujanpur, women’s mandals were being cheated by giving ₹ 12 thousand. He asked the people to take notice of such things and pull up the defaulters. The former Chief Minister put up nameplates in the houses of party workers under the most powerful Mahajan Jan Sampark Abhiyan in Panchayat Banalag, Bagehra, Chabutra, Chowki, under Sujanpur Assembly Constituency. In the public meeting organized during this, the former Chief Minister said that my booth was the strongest and this campaign would be successful only when your booth was the strongest. He said,” You are reaching, participating in party programs, but if your booth is weak then it is a matter of concern”. He reminded workers that in the Lok Sabha elections in the Sujanpur assembly constituency, the best work was done by the party workers and its people. This was possible only when your booth was the strongest. He said,” In the coming assembly elections also your booth will be the strongest, only then victory will be ensured”. He said that the Sujanpur assembly constituency had come out strong in getting development work done. “Dhaulasidh hydroelectric project is being set up here with thousands of crores of rupees. Recently, an announcement has been made to open the division office of Jal Shakti and Electricity Department in Sujanpur. Sujanpur assembly constituency is being developed from a religious point of view, Krishna Leela Dham, etc. Shiv Dham has been established here”. The former Chief Minister said that Hamirpur district was number one in the field of education and all related developmental activities and as such there was a need to take this campaign of mass development to the people and it was possible due to the active cooperation of the workers. He appealed to the workers to fan out in the villages and expose the evil designs of the Congress party on one hand and tell the people what the BJP led double engine governments had done for them and the welfare of India and Himachal Pradesh. /CSS GNK

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