Operation Ganga: 1314 Indians land on Monday, total 17,400 reach home

New Delhi, Mar 7 : A total of 1314 Indians were airlifted on Monday by 7 special civilian flights from Ukraine’s neighbouring countries taking the total Indian citizens brought back to India under Operation Ganga to 17,400, Ministry of Civil Aviation said. “The number of Indians airlifted by 73 special civilian flights goes up to 15206. One C-17 IAF flight, with 201 Indians on board, is expected to arrive later in the day. IAF had earlier flown 10 sorties to bring back 2056 passengers, as part of the Operation Ganga,” the Ministry said in a statement. Among the special civilian flights, four flights have landed in New Delhi while two reached Mumbai. There were 5 flights from Budapest, and one each from Bucharest and Suceava, the Ministry said. Two special civilian flights are expected to operate from Suceva, bringing in more than 400 Indians back home on Tuesday. ASU SHK1852

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