Naidu blames YSRCP govt for unscheduled power cuts in AP

Vijayawada, April 7 : Telugu Desam Party National President and former Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu on Thursday solely blamed the Jagan Mohan Reddy headed YSRCP government for the long hours of unscheduled power cuts in Andhra Pradesh and the people of the state experiencing ‘a hellish time’ due to it. Naidu condemned the government for not being able to come to the rescue of pregnant women in maternity hospitals due to untimely power cuts. Taking to micro-blogging site Twitter, the TDP chief expressed concern over the people in villages suffering on account of severe interruptions in power supply without prior information. A state which once illuminated with abundant power was now pushed into darkness and blackouts. The TDP Chief asked who was responsible for the AP State slipping from surplus power status into unprecedented deficit now. What answers would the Chief Minister give to pregnant and lactating women who were suffering a lot in maternity hospitals? He demanded the YSRCP Government to explain to the general public as to why the state was facing frequent and long power cuts. Why was the Government implementing power cuts though the people were paying huge current bills without fail? The former Chief Minister termed it as ‘alarming’ that people in the entire villages together were coming on to the roads to express their inability to pay abnormally increased current bills. Instead of addressing their problems, the YSRCP government was wastefully spending huge public funds in the name of felicitating volunteers. Over Rs. 233 Crore was being spent for this ‘wasteful festival’. Naidu said Jagan Mohan Reddy was behaving like the oppressive Emperor Nero of Rome but not like an elected Chief Minister for the people of the state. Just like Nero, who fiddled when Rome was burning, the AP CM was celebrating when the people were going through hellish power cuts. The former Chief Minister advised the government to stop threatening the public who were raising their voice against its unscheduled power cuts. Instead, Reddy should focus on solving the people’s problems without complicating the situation. DP CS1700

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