Mum Bhai fame, Priyank Sharma is back on Puncch Beat 2

Correct us if we’re wrong: Priyank Sharma has an infectious aura on-screen. Every time he steps in, he charms everybody with his million-dollar smile and killer looks. In the past, Priyank has received immense love and admiration for his strong on-screen presence in his previous web series, such as Puncch Beat Season 1 and Mum Bhai. After enjoying the success of these chartbuster ALTBalaji shows, he is back to impress everybody in the brand new season of Puncch Beat.

ALTBalaji’s upcoming web series will see the youth icon in the lead role once again. Priyank is thrilled to be a part of ALTBalaji’s high school drama. He expressed his excitement in a conversation with Just Showbiz. He said, “Yes I am excited for the second and the third season.  This show is very close to my heart since I started my acting debut with Puncch Beat. We all are just waiting for the script to come out and I am very excited but you guys can already see on my social media that my boxing practice has already started . This time I really want to come out as a better actor, and a better boxer for the show, so my preparations have already started. I don’t want to leave any scope when it comes to my performance so will be working even harder this time. The first season honestly while as an actor I had full faith in the show, you don’t know till you get feedback from your audience.  And the feedback touch-wood was fabulous.  I am looking forward to the second season and hoping we are able to deliver better performances while we entertain our audience!”

His role as Rahat happened to be an excellent boxer in the first season of Puncch Beat. Everyone saw that he found solace in street fighting and indulged in it to stay away from the thoughts of his troubled past. And hey, due to his unbeatable boxing skills, Rahat even became a threat to his illegitimate half-brother, Ranbir, also a popular boxer in Rosewood High in the first season.

In the brand new season of Puncch Beat, Rahat will emerge as the new popular kid in his school. It is speculated that he will replace Ranbir and become the head boy of Rosewood High. Rahat’s developments shatter Ranbir who has been completely isolated by everyone including his dear friends in the second season.

ALTBalaji’s Puncch Beat Season 2 is all set to enter the digital space with a promise to keep the viewers entertained with its all-new stories and mysteries. While the details of the Puncch Beat 2 web series are under wraps, it is speculated that the show will go on-air in June.

Starring Priyank Sharma, Siddharth Sharma, Khushi Joshi, Samyukta Hegde and others, Puncch Beat Season 2 is a high-school drama that will leave you at the edge of your seat with its spine-chilling chapters. Get ready to witness a fresh tale of the Puncch Beat cast once again exclusively on ALTBalaji. Watch Puncch Beat 2 online in June by paying only 80 paisa every day!

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