Banswara admn begins home delivery to promote indigenous mango varieties

Udaipur  : The only thing good about summer is Mangoes but due to the lockdown, people are not able to go out to the markets to buy them. In Banswara, which is known as the ‘Mango Hub’ of South Rajasthan, the district administration has taken initiative for promotion of the indigenous varieties produced here and hence begin home deliveries of mangoes. The district tourism development committee and Sahkari Upbhokta Bhandar have been given the task of delivering mango varieties at homes. 

“People are confined to homes due to the lockdown  and to prevent gatherings and crowds in mandis, we have thought of home delivering the fruit that is much in demand.The fresh mangoes that make all the heat and suffering melt away would be available on online orders” Collector Ankit Singh said.  The collector said  that a large number of mangoes fell due to the cyclonic effect last week.

The  online marketing is also a mechanism to  save farmers from the loss  as the green mangoes and fruits would both be delivered to the customers on demand. Animesh Purohit of Upbhokta Bhandar said a digital showroom has been made online for the customers who can avail the home delivery service by placing a minimum order for 5 kilograms. Agents have been issued passes and the delivery would be made in the Banswara city area and within five kilometers in the outskirts.

Five popular local varieties are presently  available for supplies. The mangoes are in a natural semi- ripen stage that would take three to four days to ripen completely. They  can be savoured and stored upto a week. The officials said,as harvest of more varieties begin,they too would be added in the digital showcase. 

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