Moon Knight can link to more mythos, future set ups

New Delhi, April 12 : The MCU is rife with heroes with an ever expanding roster of them, the possibilities and set ups are endless. It is in this context that Disney’s limited series Moon Knight should be looked upon for no content in the world of the MCU stands in isolation. Rather is simply part of one massive verse, and now with the gateway to the multiverse open, there is no longer one, but multiple verses and alternate realities with godly forces and concepts being introduced and old ideas and content being revamped and reshaped. In the Moon Knight we see the arrival of the Egyptian moon god Khonshu who acts as defender of the travellers of the dark by selecting his champion, in this case the DID afflicted former US Marine and now mercenary Marc Spector, as the Moon Knight, his weapon to stave off all evil to those who traverse under the darkness of the night sky and the glimmer of a white ray of illuminating moonlight. With every piece being connected to the other and the fact that Moon Knight deals with Egyptian mythology, the series can act as a potential set up for the other upcoming movies, particularly those which deal in mythology and divine concepts such as Thor: Love and Thunder, Black Panther: Wakanda and possibly Blade as well. As so far, the only gods to have been introduced have been from Norse mythology in Thor. While the main enemy for the movie is most likely going to Gorr the God Butcher who will be played by Christian Bale, a subtle easter egg in No Way Home has indicated that Zeus played by Russell Crowe will land in New Asgard and unleash havoc there, challenging the reign of Asgard’s new ruler King Valkyrie after she was handed the mantle of leadership by Thor in Avengers Endgame who set out to travel with the Guardians of the Galaxy and chose the path of the warrior. While other gods from Greek mythology are unlikely to appear given Gorr the God Butcher, this introduction of new mythologies may be a result of Moon Knight. Bastet is an important figure in Marvel lore, simply because this particular Egyptian deity has already been directly referenced in the MCU. Bastet is better known as Bast is the Panther God of Wakanda, who has had a profound influence on the fictional African nation. She appeared to a tribal chieftain named Bashenga 10,000 years ago, encouraging him to ingest the precious Heart-Shaped Herb, a que flower that had been mutated by exposure to Vibranium radiation; it granted Bashenga superhuman powers, and he became the first Black Panther in Bast’s honour. Moon Knight’s focus on avatars raises the possibility the Black Panther is more than just a supersoldier; every Black Panther could actually be the chosen avatar of Bast, through whom Bast shapes the world. That would fit perfectly with the Black Panther’s vital role in Wakandan culture and civilization, while adding a deeper level to the franchise’s mysticism. Finally, the arrival of the Moon Knight may also provide a set up to Marvel’s legendary vampire hunter Blade for his new movie which will star Mahershala Ali as the human vampire hybrid creature. This is done by the use of Sekhmet, another Egyptian deity – already referenced in Captain America: Civil War, apparently venerated in Wakanda alongside Bast. Many historians believe the legends of Sekhmet to be the first vampire stories, for in one tale she was banished from Heliopolis by Ra to p sh humanity for their disobedience. Sekhmet initially settled for slaying the guilty, but she got a taste for human blood, and soon began slaughtering everyone she met. This could easily be the origin story of vampires in the MCU; perhaps the first vampire was Sekhmet’s avatar, who sired others of his kind, leading to the creation of a shadowy vampire race who have so far only been occasionally name-dropped and never seen. Moon Knight may seem to be disconnected from the wider MCU, but in truth, its treatment of the Egyptian pantheon reshapes the shared verse dramatically – simply because other Egyptian gods, notably Bast and Sekhmet, have already been directly referenced. Indeed, this subtle connectivity may well explain why Marvel viewed Moon Knight as a priority to produce, simply because it would redefine so much of the lore they were already dealing with. Moon Knight has also had encounters with Avengers and X Men in the comics and may can very well be used as potential set up for future superhero team ups. Given the endless scope of possibilities, the future of the MCU is sure turning up to be an interesting one and one that will be followed with much curiosity. ANV

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