Melodic Bliss: Music Family’s Centennial Program

Udaipur : The centennial program of the Music Family was organized on Sunday evening, resonating with melodies and harmonies. With enthusiasm and joy, all members participated in the musical extravaganza, relishing the tunes and rhythms.

Media coordinators Gaurav Vyas and Anshul Mogra highlighted that the Music Family, established in 2011, is a group of enthusiasts dedicated to film music, consistently organizing programs. After conducting numerous gatherings over the past 13 years, the centennial event was celebrated with great fervor.

Welcoming everyone, Ram Kogata expressed his gratitude and pledged to continue organizing music programs on a larger scale, aiming to introduce classic Hindi film songs to the new generation. The Music Family conducts monthly programs with full orchestral accompaniment, delighting music lovers who attend these events regularly.