Harmonious Festivities: Sur Sarita Musical Group Celebrates Holi with Gusto

Udaipur: The Sur Sarita Musical Group organized a vibrant celebration of the festival of Holi with great enthusiasm. Dr. Anita Singi, the founder of the group, revealed her passion for music and singing as a member of this melodious group. In this festive event of Holi, all participants actively engaged, presenting lively Holi songs with their melodious voices.

Dr. Anita Singi, on this occasion, mesmerized everyone with her rendition of the Holi song “Hori Mein Koi Naar Naina Maar Gayi Kajarare”, compelling all members to dance along. During the Holi festivities, Narayan Salvi, Vishal Jain, Kuber, Brajlal, Tara, Naina, Ambalal, Sanjeev, Ashok, and Mahavir presented devotional songs and melodies, while also indulging in the playful tradition of playing Holi with colors, abir, gulal, and flowers.

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