Mumbai : The Maharashtra government has attached property worth more than ₹200 crore near Mahabaleshwar in Satara district of the Nizam of Hyderabad. The district administration has taken this action in collaboration with district and tehsil level officials.

Hyd Nizam
Hyd Nizam

An attempt was made to attach Nizam’s Budlon bungalow and other properties in Satara district by mobilising a crowd of 60-70 people on December 1. Due to this there was tension in the area and questions were also raised regarding law and order.

On this, Satara District Magistrate (DM) Ruchesh Jaiwanshi, ordered Mahabaleshwar Tehsildar Sushma Chowdhary Patil to take possession of Woodlawn Bungalow and other properties on December 2. After this, the district administration and Tehsildar took possession of the Budlon property.

It is being told that the Nawab of Hyderabad, Mirsahib Usman Ali Khan Bahadur owed ₹59,47,797 as tax, due to which the British had leased this Nizam’s property to a Parsi lawyer in the year 1952. Thereafter, the Kolhapur Recovery Officer prohibited the sale or mortgage of this property till the recovery of tax, but in the year 2005 the Satara District Officer revoked the earlier order.

After this, some people here started making efforts to grab the Nizam’s property. Similarly, on December 1, an attempt was made by the 9th descendant of the Nizam to forcibly take possession of this property. For this reason, the district administration has confiscated the Nizam’s property in Satara district.