Kejriwal lauds Mann for ration delivery

New Delhi, March 28 : Criticising the Centre for not allowing his government to implement doorstep delivery of ration in Delhi, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Monday lauded his Punjab counterpart Bhagwant Singh Mann for announcing the scheme in Punjab. “If the doorstep delivery of ration cannot be done in Delhi, then it will be started in Punjab. There’s a saying that you cannot stop an idea whose time has come,” the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader said. “I’m very happy for the people of Punjab. Bhagwant Mann has made an important announcement. He has decided to start doorstep delivery of ration for the poor people there. The decision will have a significant impact on politics across India,” Kejriwal stated. “We (Delhi Government) have been struggling to implement it (doorstep delivery of ration) in Delhi for the last four years. We had planned out everything but the Centre’s BJP government stopped it,” he said. Kejriwal added that soon other states in the country will demand doorstep delivery of ration and the Centre will be forced to implement it. “It will get implemented in the country, like our Mohalla Clinics,” he said. Mann said that edible food in the form of ration would be delivered in neat packets at the homes of those who ask for it and that the scheme was optional. ASH RKM MR

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