JNU: Left, ABVP clash over non-veg food and Ram Navami celebrations

New Delhi, April 10 : More than a dozen students in JNU got hurt after a scuffle broke out on Sunday evening between members of Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad and left on allegedly over meat being served in a hostel canteen on the occasion of Ram Navami. The incident happened in the mess of Kaveri hostel. The JNU Student on alleged that the members of ABVP threatened the mess workers and students in Kaveri Hostel for serving non-veg food during the dinner and allegedly resorted to violence when other students objected. Meanwhile, the ABVP claimed that the left student organisations tried to disrupt the havan organised by the saffron outfit to celebrate the Ram Navami today which led to the clashes. Both sides have accused each other of pelting stones and injuring their members. The JNUSU has alleged that the ABVP used “muscle power and goondaism” to create a ruckus. “They forced and attacked the mess committee to change the dinner menu and exclude the usual non-vegetarian items in it for all students,” the student body said in a statement. However, ABVP accused the left parties of religious intolerance and said the issue was created by them to disrupt the havan. “On the occasion of Ram Navami, residents of Kaveri Hostel, JNU had organised a pooja to celebrate the event. This event was supposed to be joined by a large number of common students of JNU. However, the members of the left parties created a ruckus during the pooja. The issue of non-vegetarian food is planned by them,” Shivam Chaurasia, president of ABVP’s JNU t told However, Speaking with , Saket Moon, Vice President of JNUSU denied ABVP’s claim. “For years, multiple pooja and havans are organised on the occasion of Saraswati Pooja, Diwali, Ram Navami and other Hindu religious festivals. All such events are conducted peacefully so there is no question of religious intolerance,” he said. Moon also said that the police are doing the MLC of those who got hurt during the incident and an official complaint will be filed by JNUSU against the ABVP members. ASH SHK2352

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