Monday , 18 October 2021
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IPL 2021: 3 Key players who can help CSK win the IPL Trophy

IPL 2021: 3 Key players who can help CSK win the IPL Trophy

Chennai Super Kings (CSK) began their IPL 2021 campaign in outstanding fashion. The team started dominating just like they have been doing in the past years. They successfully managed to win five out of their seven matches. After the initial success, the team hopes to seal their playoff spot as per the latest IPL news today 2021. Here are the details of the 3 key players who will be instrumental for CSK to win the coveted IPL Trophy:

  1. RavindraJadeja

RavindraJadejahas displayed exceptional performance over the past several matches. When you focus on the statistics of the matches he has played, you can gauge how good a player he is. During the first phase of IPL 2021, RavindraJadeja has scored 131 runs and has been dismissed just once in six innings. Moreover, he scored his runs with a strike rate of 161.72.  In the bowling front, he took six wickets with an economy of 6.70. These numbers suggest how efficient he was in these matches.

His batting has proven to be a unique entity for the past two years. His bowling in T20 cricket has also improved significantly. Jadejais an asset for the CSK team, and could well help them grab their fourth title.

2. Sam Curran

Sam Curran is renowned as a champion all-rounder. He is among those players who are in the spotlight. This isbecause of his capability to deliver at critical junctures. There are several qualities of a successful IPL team that are brought about by its players. These successful teams have some distinguished players who can transform the game single-handedly. Sam Curran is one such player who has the potential to do just that.

His outstanding performance during the first phase of IPL 2021 was noteworthy. In seven matches, he took a total of 9 wickets, and the strike rate was 16. He has bowled the challenging overs and successfully managed to keep all the batsmen under check. However, the team also benefitted because of his impressive batting. Owing to the giant batting unit of the CSK team, Sam Curran has still not received the best of opportunities. However, his performance was impressive every time he landed on the pitch because of his skills and dedication.

Although he made just 52 runs with the bat, the fact is that he has scored those runs at a strike rate of 208. It suggests how skilled and enthusiastic this young English player is. The thing that is even more thrilling for CSK entering the second leg is that he already played a whole season there. Furthermore, he was listed among the more successful players.

3. Moeen Ali 

Only a few players in the IPL are destined to be successful in their cricketing careers. Moeen Ali is one such bloke whose cricket career is appropriately structured in a way that he has continued to climb the ladder of success in the IPL. This English cricketer is useful as he can bowl in nearly all the overs of a T20 innings, and we all know that he is an outstanding batsman providing solidity to the CSK batting line-up.

As for his batting prowess, a few aspects make Moeen Ali unique. Apart from being technically sound as a batter, he also has the ability to clear the boundary effortlessly. This capability is found in very few cricketers, and it sets him apart from many other renowned cricketers. Essentially, he has played for years in various roles within the English county T20 competitions, which has made him gain in experience in the shortest format of the game. Take a look at his record during the first leg of the IPL which speaks for itself.

He scored 206 runs with an average of 34.33, and the strike rate was 158. Moreover, he took five wickets at a strike rate of 14, with an economy of 6.16. That is impressive for sure, and the reason why Moeen Ali is such an important part of CSK. On the UAE pitches, we might just see Moeen Ali turning out to be a winner for CSK during the second leg of IPL 2021.