Thursday , 24 June 2021
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India and China have been major economic powers in the past, says PM Modi

Both the leaders were in a one on one conversation for around an hour in the relaxed setting of the informal summit. Prime Minister Modi and President Xi exchanged views facing the seafront in the luxury hotel Taj Fisherman’s Cove. Wide range of issues including current geopolitical issues is believed to have been discussed. Both the leaders are now participating in delegation-level talks.

External Affairs Minister  S. Jaishankar and NSA Ajit Doval are also present in the talks. At the beginning of delegation-level talks, Prime Minister Modi recalled that since ancient times, India and China have been major economic powers in the world. He said, both the countries are now regaining that position.

The Prime Minister also recalled the Wuhan summit in which it was decided that both countries will not allow the differences to become disputes and to be prudently managed. He expressed satisfaction that strategic communication between the two countries has increased

The historic summit would be wound up with Prime Minister Modi hosting lunch for the visiting dignitary. On the first day of the Summit, Prime Minister Modi guided President Xi around the iconic monuments in Mamallapuram, the Pallava era town that boasts of historic links with China. The dinner hosted by Mr Modi to the visiting leader there last night went on for extended hours, signifying the growing warmth and personal rapport between the two leaders.

The Chinese President has acknowledged during his one-on-one talks yesterday that both India and China, being big and complex societies, face the common threat of radicalization and terrorism. They discussed their national vision and governance priorities. They also agreed to explore ways of further expanding mutual trade and investments.

At the end of the talks today, both the sides are expected to issue separate statements, as the talks are being held in the format of an informal summit. This is the second edition of the informal summit between the two sides, the first being the Wuhan summit held in April last year. 

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