Sunday , 9 May 2021
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Hindustan Zinc sets up oxygen plant at Rajsamand to supply oxygen for fight against COVID 19

Hindustan Zinc sets up oxygen plant at Rajsamand to supply oxygen for fight against COVID 19

-Oxygen Plant with 500 cylinders per day installed in a record time of 5 days

-Second bottling plant with capacity of 1200 cylinders will be commissioned soon

– Till date 101T liquid oxygen has been provided to district administration

As a law-abiding and responsible organization, Hindustan Zinc is in complete solidarity with the steps taken and efforts made by the state government and local governing bodies during these unprecedented times through various relief measures. While understanding the gravity of the situation and with a rapid increase in COVID 19 cases in the state, the company took the initiative of providing industrial oxygen supply as a substitute for oxygen to address the shortage of it in hospitals and health centres.

Hindustan Zinc has joined hands with the local body administration and health department to amplify its efforts for COVID relief. After providing liquid oxygen to the administration for treatment of COVID patients, the company has gone a step beyond and is making 500 cylinders of oxygen available per day with an oxygen bottling plant set up specifically for this purpose.In addition to the bottling plant, the company has till date provided 101T liquid oxygen to district administration. This will play a critical role in COVID relief efforts.  Additionally, the company will soon commission a bottling plant with a production of 1200 oxygen cylinders a day which will help meet the shortage of oxygen.

There has been a huge influx of patients in hospitals which created a shortage of oxygen for respiratory treatments. To further amplify these efforts and support the community, the company will help meet the demand for oxygen at hospitals in not just the areas of Rajsamand and Udaipur but also Jodhpur.

Rajsamand District Collector Mr. Arvind Poswal appreciated the efforts by Hindustan Zinc and said, “On behalf of Rajasthan government I would like to applaud Hindustan Zinc for setting up oxygen cylinder bottling plant with a capacity of 500 cylinders in a record time of 5 days. I am grateful to Hindustan Zinc for stepping forward and extending their full support in dark times for humanity during a pandemic. I hope the company will continue to support me with the same level of enthusiasm.”

Hindustan Zinc’s CEO Mr. Arun Misra said, “Looking at the current scenario of rising demand for oxygen, Hindustan Zinc has set up an oxygen bottling plant that would directly convert liquid oxygen into usable form in oxygen cylinders for treatment in hospitals. This has increased the efficiency of our efforts in supporting the government. Before this we had innovated clinical methods through which we provided 150T liquid oxygen in cryogenic tankers through our oxygen plant to the health administration. We are keeping a keen eye on the development of the situation and are putting in maximum efforts to support administration for COVID relief. I am very proud of my team for working non-stop and making this time efficient setup a possibility, which will save many lives.”

Currently, Hindustan Zinc’s Oxygen plant has dedicated 100% of its oxygen production for the community. The Dariba Smelter Team erected the bottling plant within 5 days by working non-stop so it could produce 500 cylinders per day. Till date 101T liquid oxygen has been supplied.

Multiple hospitals across the state will be benefited by the oxygen cylinders from HZL plant to meet the demand for oxygen. The Hindustan Zinc team is continuously working to make the process more efficient for the benefit of the community under the guidance of District Collector Rajsamand – Mr. Arvind Poswal, Divisional Commissioner Excise – Dr.Jogaram, and Mr. Sahi Ram – GM DIC.