Forever New India Unveils its A/W’23 Collection ‘A Time for Glamour’ with PoojaHegde


ForeverNewIndia,renownedforitscontemporaryfashionofferings,ispleasedtoannounce the launch of its highly anticipated Autumn/Winter 2023 collection ‘A Time forGlamour’. This latest collection promises to become the preferred choice for all seasonalcelebrations, high-energy soirées, and stylish getaways to exotic global destinations. PoojaHegde, the brand ambassador of Forever New India, adds her signature touch to thisexceptional collection. Speaking of it, complementing the versatility of this collection she alsoasserted“Don’tbeafraidtotakerisks,it’swhatmakesfashionfunafterall!”


Gonearethedaysofsettlingforordinaryoutfits.ForeverNew’sA/W’23collectionpresentsastunning array of choices catering to every social calendar facet. Dark Reds will reinvigorateoccasion wear, while glamorous dresses in captivating sunset ombre, bold dark florals, andravishingblackwillinfusejoyintoeveryeventensemble.


Stepping into the fashion spotlight, customers are presented with a versatile collection fromForever New. For those planning a night out with friends, there are options to turn heads inplayful mini dresses adorned with bold gingham prints or elegant ruched detailing. For morerelaxed gatherings, vintage-inspired floral dresses offer an ideal blend of charm and comfort.And for high-glamour soirées that demand a memorable entrance, the collection featuresluxuriousvelvetanddaringcut-outdressesdesignedtoleaveanindeliblemarkinthemindsofonlookers. Forever New’s A/W’23 collection ensures that individuals shine on every occasionwithoutfitsasuniqueasthemomentstheycreate.


In their latest campaign, the brand spotlights the versatility of the collection by showcasingPoojaHegdeinanarrayofstylishensemblesdesignedforthecontemporarywomanoftoday.Whether it’s preparing for an intimate rendezvous, gracing a glamorous gala evening, powerdressing for a high-profile event, or commanding attention on the red carpet, ‘A Time forGlamour’ from Forever New effortlessly caters to all these scenarios. With its diverse range offashion options, Forever New ensures that every woman is empowered to make a lastingimpressiononanyoccasion,embracingheruniquestylewithconfidenceandgrace.




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