Flaunting ‘tamancha’ in jeeps no more criminals’ show :Yogi

Chandauli, March 4 : Lambasting the previous SP government for sheltering the criminals and goons, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Friday said the mafia committing crimes under the SP government is now seen on a wheelchair and crawling like a worm instead of flaunting ‘tamanchas’ (guns) in open jeeps. Addressing a rally in the Saiyad Raja assembly constituency of Chandauli, the CM said, ”If the state will have a ‘dumdar’ (strong) government, then bulldozer and development will go hand in hand. The mafia who killed the ‘Yadavs’ in Mau, set fire to the houses of the traders, put Mau in the fire of riots, were protected by the previous governments.” Our government has taught them the right lesson and put all the mafias in jails, he added. The BJP has taken a decisive lead over opposition parties in the six phases of the polls held so far and trends show that we have already crossed the score of 275, asserted Yogi Aditynath on Friday. He said on the result day, only Bharatiya Janata Party will take over the state. “When the election results will come on March 10, then only BJP will be visible in the entire state and due to the fear of defeat, several SP-BSP leaders have started making their bookings to flee abroad.” The CM went on saying that the professional criminals who had come out of their ‘holes’ during elections to spread anarchy in the state have realized that their motives will not be fulfilled. So, they are now again searching for a hole to hide. Hitting out at the previous SP government regarding providing nterrupted power supply only during Eid and Moharram festivals, Yogi said before 2017, even electricity had a religion but now nterrupted power supply provided during BJP rule is for everyone, irrespective of caste and religion. “People are being provided free vaccines, free testing facilities, and free treatment along with free double-dose of foodgrains. Had there been the government of SP, BSP the vaccine would be black marketed,” Yogi said. He also said the double engine government is providing free ration which would not have been possible under the previous government. Yogi maintained that if the BJP government was formed, free LPG will be given to every poor during Diwali and Holi. Also, free scooty will be provided to meritorious girl students. “Besides, the amount of money given under Kanya Sumangala Yojana will be increased to Rs 25,000 while under the Mukhyamantri Samuhik Vivah Yojana, Rs 1 lakh will be transferred.” He further added that over five lakh youths were given government jobs in his government while two crore youths were connected with employment. “We are also distributing tablets and smartphones to one crore youths and SP has raised objections over that. The Samajwadi Party believes development should be of Saifai family only. “ The CM remarked: “Only Saifai Mahotsav used to be held under the SP government. Even the organizers were unaware of what was happening.” The BJP government has worked towards the development of sites and monuments which gives an identity to the country and the state. Beautification of Baba Keenaram’s birthplace and Taposthali is being done in Chandauli. At the same time, along with the construction of Lord Ram’s temple in Ayodhya, Kashi Vishwanath Dham, Mathura, Gokul, and Vrindavan are being beautified, he added. MB SY 1718

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