Dungarpur youths create checklist,screening visitors

Udaipur : While at most places police and the medical department have to pursue people to report sickness symptoms , youths at Khoontwada in Dungarpur have taken initiation to prevent spread of corona virus in the area. The residents have formed different teams who work in shift at a checkpost made by them and entry is only given into the village after the person is found free of any illness or flu symptoms.

” If anyone is found to be inflicted by cold , cough or fever they are adviced to visit the nearest hospital and without a proper screening, the person is not allowed entrance in the village” says Ramesh,the president of the village youth association. A proper record is being maintained by the groups who fill in details like name,age and body temperature  of everyone arriving there daily.  The youths are also spreading awareness among the people on how to remain safe from coronavirus.

People who have returned from Maharashtra and Gujarat are being asked by these youths to follow protocol and stay quarantined. The youths are also assisting the authorities to ensure that no one go outside their homes unless it is unavoidable and maintain social distance with each other. 

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