Delhi MP slams Kejriwal govt in Lok Sabha over air pollution

New Delhi, April 4 : West Delhi MP Pravesh Singh Verma on Monday slammed the Delhi government for not taking steps to control air pollution in Delhi during the Question Hour in Lok Sabha, prompting protest by Opposition MPs. Environment Minister Bhupendra Yadav meanwhile questions why Congress was bothered with criticism of the Delhi government. Asking supplementary questions in the House, Verma lauded the Central government for taking steps like building highways around Delhi, and forming a Commission on Air Quality Management for NCR in order to monitor and control air pollution in the national capital. “On one hand our scientists won over Corona, on the other hand one person’s cough has not been cured in seven years. Delhi’s pollution is destroying the lungs of thousands of people,” Verma said in Lok Sabha. “When winters come, pollution levels shoot up, and the Delhi government starts a blame game, that crop residue burning is causing pollution,” he said. Verma also said Delhi has only 6700 buses, of which 3000 are older than 12 years. “Similarly Yamuna is dirtier than before, Delhi CM keeps saying he will take a dip in Yamuna…” Verma said. “Does the commission have power to impose a fine on the Delhi government, they do not follow Supreme Court order and are playing with the lives of people,” he questioned. As Opposition MPs raised their pitch, Yadav said, “He is asking about the Delhi government, why is Adhir Ranjan ji creating ruckus.” “He is raising issues related to his area, it is the duty of the local government to preserve the environment,” Yadav said defending the MP. BJP MP Varun Gandhi meanwhile asked the Minister about monitoring of pollution in other parts of the country, stating that a high number of air quality stations were located in and around Delhi. Yadav said1230 air quality measurement instruments have been placed in 465 cities and 26 rural areas. AO SY 1516

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