Combatting corruption US’s core national security priority: C Ravindranath

By Rajni Shankar Patna, April 13 ( ) Identifying corruption as a threat to national security, economic equity, development, and governance itself, US President Joe Biden has singled out combatting graft as the core of his country’s domestic security priority. While addressing a recently concluded Webinar on U.S. Framework And Efforts To fight Corruption, organised by the Washington Foreign Press Centre, Washington D.C, Chandana Ravindranath – director for anti-corruption at the National Security Council – said the President has cleared that countering corruption was at the top of the agenda of the US administration. The White House lead Chandana Ravindranath, whose role is to support the Biden-Harris administration’s priority on countering corruption and work closely with the ted States interagency as also key stakeholders, said corruption now enables all forms of criminality, particularly transnational crime, erodes good governance, stifles investment and economic growth, exacerbates inequality and impedes government services. The malady also allows criminality to flourish. All over the world, transnational corruption tilts the economic playing field against hardworking citizens and makes it harder for them to provide for their families. President Biden is of the strong opinion that some autocracies undermine democracy and want privilege. To address the issue, the President convened a summit of democratic countries last year to frame rules to combat it in the 21st century. MORE RS SSP

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