Sunday , 20 June 2021
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China completes first-ever systematic monitoring of wild giant pandas

The data shows that China has completed 873 independent detections of wild giant pandas this year through its 4,839 wild animal monitoring sites, which are scattered in southwest China’s Sichuan Province, according to what has been released by authorities at the Giant Panda National Park.

This is the first time that the administrative bureau, which was officially established in Chengdu on October 29, 2018, systematically released its monitoring data on wild pandas.

Of 2,337 infrared cameras in total for monitoring giant pandas, 383 cameras captured the footage of wild pandas, taking 2,586 photos and recording videos with 8,817 seconds. The shooting rate is significantly higher than the same period in previous years.

“With the continuous improvement of ecological environment and habitat quality, the wild giant pandas are steadily multiplying,” said Xiang Kewen, director of the Giant Panda National Park Administration.

China has established protected areas in Sichuan, Shanxi and Gansu Provinces for the pandas.