Budget Friendly Living : Discovering Cheap Flats in Mumbai For Rent

Our lives have certain checklists, certain tick boxes, and certain parameters that everybody has to adhere to. Whether it’s completing your schooling, going for your graduation, earning money, buying a house, saving for retirement, etc. With the changing norms of the 21st century, the race has changed a bit. You’re not required to check those boxes; nobody will confine you to their stringent rules, or if they do, people have harbored the valor to set their own pedigree on how to live life at their own pace.

One such decision that has gone through ups and downs in the past decade is renting or buying. Urban millennials find renting to be their best option when residing in a new city rather than making long-term commitments like buying a new house, taking out a loan, or selling their investments. The process of renting has also become more accessible because of digitization in the domestic economy, which has led to the creation of multiple rental marketplaces that are available to you with just a touch. One such website is Jugyah, which helps you connect with the tenant, landowner, or area partner by simply dropping an email to the official website or calling our team, who are at your service, well, almost throughout the day!

Getting back to our subject of renting, have you wondered how much money you can save if you just find the right house? The house that will not only accommodate you and your flatmates but is also located on your picket, letting you funnel money into other house chores or letting you save money for your other investments? Mumbai is a city filled with bright aspirations, crowded roads, everybody in a hurry to get to the next destination, and, well, a city that never rests. While you aspire to live in this city, let’s get down to some ground rules for finding cheap flats in Mumbai, along with their approximate rents. What are the factors that influence your house’s hunt for the same ?

invest in a property. You can bifurcate this expense and decide your pay range. Also, consider other additional expenses like utility bills, a security deposit, brokerage fees, and renter’s insurance. A budget ranging from 20,000 to 40,000 rupees is considered reasonable for families or single occupants who want to find a house that’s budget friendly.

Mira Road, Panvel, Badlapur, Virar, and Thane. These cities and townships not only offer you the most effective budget for your house but also connect you to every major part of Mumbai, making it a win-win situation for you. The rent usually ranges from 18,000 to 40,000 rupees in those areas.

3. Online Rental Marketplaces: With the advent of Social Media, the excess jargon in house hunting has been reduced to nil. Consumers can connect with a landlord online with the help of Twitter and Instagram. Along with these platforms, the online forum has also birthed sites like Jugyah, OLX, Nestaway, Sulekha, and Housing.com to serve your housing needs. These sites also have features that help you filter out localities near you with the budget that you need, everything according to your own preferences.

cheap flats in Mumbai for rent to make your options more budget friendly. Agents acquainted with areas like Navi Mumbai, Vasai, Ambernath, Badlapur, and Kalyan will help you in finding economical options that satisfy your needs. The rent ranges from 18,000 to 30,000 rupees in those aforementioned areas.

5. Community Listings: Areas like Dombivli, Bhayander, Mulund, and Airoli have community boards and community listings where landlords prefer to advertise about their respective properties. Keeping a sharp eye on these boards may help the tenants. The rent usually ranges from 18,000 to 35,000 rupees in those areas.

6. Older Buildings or Chawls : India houses one of the most massive chawls in the whole world, Dharavi. It’s one of the oldest chawls in Mumbai and houses more than 5,00,000 people. Instead of looking for newer developments, why not look for already existing older buildings, which may provide you with lower rental prices and go easy on your pocket?

7. Flexibility with Amenities: If you have to gain something, in this case a good house with proximity to your workplace with a decent environment and shared accommodation, you have to cut corners on other aspects like ~ cutting your budget while shopping for unnecessary amenities. It’s a significant change that the faster you get adept at, the better.

8. Safety and Security: While house hunting is an arduous process, make sure you keep safety as a priority on your list while searching for homes. Places like Airoili, Ambernath, and Bhandup serve as localities that might fall under this purview. The rent ranges from 18,000 to 45,000 rupees.

9. Be Patient and persistent : Finding cheap flats in Mumbai for rent, is like finding a needle in a stack of hay; it’s difficult but not impossible. Along the way, you will learn that your biggest asset is your patience, to wait for another option and to always seek help from people around you.

Talking about House hunting, we have a plan ready for you beforehand. We at Jugyah are fully committed to fulfilling every need of our customers, be they tenants or landlords. Our team is at your service, helping you traverse your journey toward finding a home. We are backed by some of the most reputed developers in the country, to name a few:Godrej, Rustomjee, and Lodha.

What do we offer? The best home with zero brokerage fees and zero security deposits for you! The offer stands till the umpteenth day, and so do we, waiting to welcome you with open arms to the place you call home—to the place that you belong!

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