Brazil flash flood death toll reaches 14

Brasilia, April 3 ( /Sputnik) Over a dozen people have died as a result of heavy rains in the state of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil that resulted in flooding and landslides, Brazilian media report. The death toll currently stands at 14, while at least five people are missing, the G1 news portal reported on Saturday. There are reportedly eight children among the dead. Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro said on Twitter on Saturday that the federal government was deploying military aircraft to help with the rescue efforts in Rio de Janeiro. “National Secretary of Civil Defense and Protection, Colonel Alexandre Lucas, is traveling to the most affected regions,” Bolsonaro said in another tweet. Heavy rains and flash floods hit the state of Rio de Janeiro earlier this week. In February, heavy rainfall and subsequent landslides killed over 200 people in the Brazilian town of Petropolis, located north of the city of Rio de Janeiro. /SPUTNIK RNJ

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