Blaming minister for humiliating him, Tejaswi walks out of the state assembly


Patna, Mar 10 : Bihar assembly witnessed a piquant situation on Thursday during pre-lunch session when the leader of the opposition in the state assembly Tejaswi Prasad Yadav, blaming Rural Development Minister Shrawan Kumar for his humiliation on the floor of the house on the issue of misleading the house through fake data and genuineness of the data as well as the website of MNREGA he had earlier referred to. Tejaswi demanded either an apology or resignation from the Minister and walked out of the Assembly saying that he would not attend the sessions of the house till the Minister Shrawan Kumar apologise or tender resignation. He said by the permission of the speaker he had humbly raised the matter related to data of MNREGA on the website but the Minister straight forward blamed him of misleading the house. Tejaswi said that he felt offended with the conduct of the Minister. The leader of the opposition said that he had also presented the detail of the website carrying the data but was humiliated by the Minister. Apparently annoyed, Tejaswi Yadav said that he has been humiliated and would not attend the house till the Minister Shravan Kumar apologise or resigns from his post. Tejasvi along with members of the opposition walked out of the house. MORE RS BM

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