BJP does not make its decision by telling its opponents: Dhumal

Hamirpur(HP), April 8 : Former HP Chief Minister and senior BJP leader, Prem Kumar Dhumal has dubbed the statement of the AAP leader, M sh Sisodia as wrong and absurd that the BJP was going to change its leadership in the state. Responding to the statement of Sisodia, Dhumal has said some friends of the media have drawn my attention to the news in which an AAP leader was claiming that there was going to be a change of leadership in Himachal Pradesh. He said it seemed that yesterday’s flop rally in their mandi has upset the AAP party and was giving absurd statements. Everyone knows that the Bharatiya Janata Party, which is the largest political party not only in the country but in the world, does not lead in any of its states by telling its opponents. Dhumal said by making such news, by running such news, by making such statements, he has only made fun of himself, he cannot mislead anyone.”Whatever decision the Bharatiya Janata Party takes, it takes on its own. And you don’t even need to give any information. This kind of propaganda does not create differences in our party, all are hardworking workers, all know each other and all are constantly trying to bloom lotus together” Dhumal said. /CSS SY 1105

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