Bihar CM security lapse, steamer collides with JP Setu during inspection

Patna : A security lapse has come to the fore in Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s security on Saturday. During the inspection of Chhath Ghats in Patna, the Chief Minister’s steamer collided with Jayaprakash Narayan Setu, due to which he has suffered minor injuries.

steamer collides with JP Setu
steamer collides with JP Setu

The Chief Minister was inspecting the Chhath Ghats of Patna today. During this, CM’s steamer collided with the JP Setu bridge. Nitish got slightly injured in this incident. This is considered a major security lapse. Regarding this matter, the Patna district administration says that the Chief Minister has not suffered any injury. The steamer has been replaced due to a technical glitch.

The Chief Minister Nitish Kumar today inspected several Ghats including Nasriganj Ghat, Patna City Ghat, Bhadra Ghat, Mahendru Ghat in Patna. He took stock of the ghats for the preparation of Chhath festival.

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