Around 4 lakh villagers to get ‘home ownership certificate’ in UP

Lucknow, April 6 : The Yogi Adityanath government in Uttar Pradesh will make an announcement for the villagers living in the countryside under which the government will provide documents (Rural Residential Records/Ghara Certificate) to villagers for ownership of their houses under the ownership scheme. Preparations are underway to provide ownership papers( ghara ) to more than four lakh villagers in the state. Soon (this month), a grand ceremony will be organized and a ghra will be given away to the villagers by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. Till December 23 last year, 27.47 lakh villagers have been provided papers under the ‘swamitva yojana'(ownership scheme) in the state, officials here on Wednesday said. Further to this, the Revenue Board is preparing to provide home ownership certificates to more than four lakh villagers of four thousand villages this month. UP is at the forefront in providing household documents to the villagers. It is worth mentioning here that the villagers of the state get the documents of their residential property in digital form and for this, the state government has prepared a scheme to computerize 7.65 crore properties in about one lakh villages of the state. The scheme was launched on October 12 last year. Under this, on the lines of Khata of the fields, the Revenue Board is preparing the documents of ownership of residential property of the villagers. Rural Housing Rights Record (Ghara Praman Patra) is to be prepared in about one lakh villages of the state through digital maps. A digital map is being prepared by surveying villages in all the districts of the state with the help of drones. So far, after surveying 15,940 villages through more than 70 drones, 27.47 lakh villagers have been given ghara certificates. According to the officials of the Board of Revenue, one can get loans from rural banks through the ‘ghara ’ certificate. Till now, banks did not give loans to the villagers on their houses, because they did not have any document proving the ownership of the houses built in the village. Taking cognizance of this, under the ownership scheme prepared on the initiative of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Yogi government is giving their ownership rights to the real owners of the houses built in the rural population. Survey work is to be done in all 75 districts of the state to implement this scheme of the central government. The ownership plan is to be completed by the year 2025. A roadmap is being prepared for the implementation of this scheme in a stipulated timeframe and work is being done on it in a phased manner. Out of the villages where aerial survey work has been completed, so far 27.47 lakh residential properties in 15,940 villages have been provided to the villagers. By organizing a grand function this month, preparations are being made to provide home certificates of their residence to more than four lakh villagers of four thousand villages. In this function, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath will provide the home certificate to the villagers. The Chief Minister considers the ownership scheme/home certificate to be a beneficial scheme for the villagers. In April last year, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, while distributing the residential records (Ghara ) of his house online to the villagers in the Swamitva scheme, said that ‘Ghara ’ is not just a government paper giving the ownership of the land but is a medium to increase the self-confidence of the people, to give a sense of self-respect and to show the path of self-reliance. These will eliminate disputes and corruption and if needed, loans can also be easily taken through them. MB GK

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