Airport operations at Bagdogra shut after cracks seen in runway

Siliguri, Mar 22 : As many as 21 flights have been suspended on Tuesday at Bagdogra airport after cracks appeared afresh on the runway, exactly seven days after such disruption happened at the north Bengal’s only aviation facility in West Bengal, official sources said. Cracks on the runway surface were noticed at around 1150 am and by that time seven flights landed and five took off for the day, sources said. Though the menders began restoring the surface, the Bagdogra airport authorities already suspended remaining 21 flights for the day for precautionary measures. In total, 28 flights were scheduled for the day. The resumption of takeoffs and landings is expected on Wednesday. The Airport Authority of India in a notification said that “Airport operations at Bagdogra will be suspended due to resurfacing work on the final layer of the flexible portion of Runway, from 11-25 April.” PC RN

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