Air India Chairman Chandrasekaran rejigs top-deck

New Delhi, April 15 : In a first major top-deck rejig after taking over Air India in January this year, Tata Group has named executives for key positions while re-appointing senior officers. The airline Chairman N Chandrasekaran has re-appointed Capt RS Sandhu as Chief of Operations while naming Vinod Hejmadi as Chief Financial Officer (CFO). The other two directors on the airline Board Amrita Sharan and Meenakshi Mallik have been re-appointed as Advisors to CEO. While Sharan would be Advisor to CEO for HR, Mallik has been re-appointed as Advisor for Commercial, Technology and Other areas. “Till the CEO joins, they would be advisors to the Chairman,” wrote Chandrasekaran in an internal comm cation seen by . Air India had in February named former Turkish Airlines Chairman Ilker Ayci as the CEO & MD of Air India but later Ayci turned down the offer citing ‘undesirable’ narrative. Chandrasekaran has also appointed Nipun Aggarwal as Chief Commercial Officer & Accountable Manager. Suresh Dutt Tripathi has been named Chief Human Resource Officer. The airline has appointed Satya Ramaswamy as Chief Digital and Technology Officer who would be part of the new management team. Rajesh Dogra has been appointed Head of Customer Experience & Ground Handling. “The new appointees will exercise the powers of functional/departmental heads as per the delegation of authority,” Air India Chairman said. All the organisational changes will take into effect immediately. NK GK

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