64pc Pakistanis reject US hand in Imran’s fall

Islamabad, April 6 : A survey has found 64 per cent Pakistanis have rejected the government’s narrative of a US conspiracy behind the opposition’s no-trust move and instead feel inflation and the Imran Khan government’s failure to redress it as the main trigger. However, 36 per cent of respondents of the Gallup Pakistan Survey believe that a US conspiracy was the motivation behind the opposition’s attempt to dislodge the government. The random telephonic poll solicited the opinion of 800 households from April 3 to 4, Dawn reported on Wednesday. Among those who felt stagflation and the government’s failure to address it was the opposition’s motivation for launching the no-trust motion, 74 per cent were from Sindh, 62 per cent from Punjab, and 59 per cent from the KPK. Around 54 per cent of respondents of another survey expressed disappointment with the Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) government over three and a half years performance, whereas 46 per cent found no fault with its service delivery. A majority, 68 per cent, of respondents appreciated Imran Khan’s action of calling for new elections. On Pakistanis’ perception of the US, 72 per cent described it as the country’s enemy and 28 per cent termed it a friend. On the question of the PTI government’s delivery during the three and a half year period, 54 per cent were disappointed with Imran Khan’s regime, while 46 per cent expressed a certain degree of satisfaction. Of those expressing a higher degree of satisfaction with the central government’s performance, 60 per cent represented KPK, while 40 per cent from the same province expressed abject disappointment with its performance. From Sindh, 43 per cent of respondents expressed satisfaction with the performance of Imran Khan, but 57 per cent were not so appreciative. In the case of Punjab, Imran received a 45 per cent approval rating for his service delivery, but a larger 55 per cent disapproved of his performance. On the dissolution of the government and the call for national elections, 68 per cent approved the move, while 32 per cent dismissed it. ING

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