Zelenskyy demands more sanctions on Russia

Kyiv, March 7 : Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on Monday called for new sanctions on Russia, including boycott of Russian imports and exports, especially rejection of oil and oil products. “If the invasion continues and Russia has not abandoned its plans against Ukraine, then a new sanctions package is needed. New sanctions, new sanctions steps against war, for the sake of peace. Boycott of Russian exports, in particular, the rejection of oil and oil products from Russia, this can be called an embargo … Boycott of imports to Russia,” Sputnik quoted Zelenskyy as saying in a video address. At least eight people were killed in Russian bombardments in the residential areas of Kharkiv, the Ukrainian Emergency Service said on Monday. CNN quoted the agency as saying that on Sunday evening Russian bombing “completely or partially demolished” multi-story residential buildings, administrative buildings, medical institutions, educational institutions and dorms. It further said that there were large-scale fires in 21 building in the city’s central part and about 200 people were rescued. RNJ

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