Yogi to create record by breaking Noida jinx

Lucknow, March 10 : After breaking the jinx about any chief minister going to Noida and not getting second term, BJP chief minister Yogi Adityanath will set a record of sorts for getting a second term as CM with full majority in the assembly polls in Uttar Pradesh. It was only in 1985, when Congress chief minister Narain Dutt Tiwari was elected as the CM after getting landslide victory in the wake of the assassination of the then Prime minister Indira Gandhi. Yogi Adityanath will be the only chief minister of the BJP who will return to power with full majority. Yogi also removed the Jinx that any chief minister who visits Noida , was not able to retain power. Yogi had visited Noida at least 10 times during his five years tenure. As per the trends , BJP is set to get around 250+ seats in this assembly polls whereas it got 312 seats in 2017 elections alongwith win of 13 additional seats by its alliance partners. Before this, Kalyan Singh and Rajnath Singh were BJP chief ministers of the state but they could not get consecutive second terms. Congress in 1985, won 269 seats with 39.25 per cent of votes while BJP which just emerged got 16 seats and 9.38 percent of votes. In 1980 too Congress won 309 seats to grab power in UP. But after 1985, the downfall of Congress started and in 1989 polls, it lost to Janata Dal and thereafter it could not get on the path. In 2022 assembly polls Congress vote percentage is just around 3 per cent when it received 6.25 %votes in 2017 assembly polls and 13.26 % in 2012 assembly polls. MB SY 1407

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